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Speedo Men's Uv Max 64% OFF Ranking TOP17 Swim Shirt Sleeve Tee Long Graphic

Speedo Men's Uv Swim Shirt Graphic Long Sleeve Tee


Speedo Men's Uv Swim Shirt Graphic Long Sleeve Tee

Product description

Make waves in this swim t-shirt featuring a tropical logo graphic at the back. The long-sleeve style is made from TurboDRI fabric for your comfort and Block the Burn UPF 50+ for built-in sun protection.

뒷면에 열대 로고 그래픽이 특징인 수영 티셔츠로 파도를 만들어보세요. 긴 소매 스타일은 편안함을 위해 TurboDRI 원단으로 만들어졌으며 자외선 차단을 위해 Block the Burn UPF 50+로 제작되었습니다.

From the manufacturer

Men’s Swim Shirts amp; Rash Guards


Swim and get active knowing you’ve got the protection you need from the sun’s rays with swim shirts from Speedo. Our rash guards and tops are made with Block the Burn fabric, the latest in sun-protection technology, and help block the sun’s harmful UV rays so you can stay out in the water, longer.

UPF 50+ BlockTheBurn

Fabric Features


Quick Dry

Quick drying performance fabric.


Pilling Resistant

Fabric resists pilling for increased wear.


Block the Burn

All-over protection blocks the sun’s harmful rays.


Water Repellent

Unique and durable coating that repels water

Styles Available


Compare Shirts amp; Rash Guards

Short Sleeve Reg Fit

Short Sleeve Reg Tee

Short Sleeve Loose Fit

Short Sleeve Loose Tee

Long Sleeve Reg Fit

Long Sleeve Reg Tee

Reg Fit Graphic

Long Sleeve Reg Tee

ls loose fit

Long Sleeve Loose Tee


Long View Short Sleeve


Long View Long Sleeve

Rashguard Rashguard Rashguard Rashguard Rashguard Rashguard Rashguard
Regular Loose Regular Regular Loose Loose Loose
Closure Type
Pull Over Pull Over Pull Over Pull Over Pull Over Pull Over Pull Over
Neck Line
Crew Neck Crew Neck Crew Neck Crew Neck Crew Neck Crew Neck Crew Neck
UPF 50
Quick Dry
PIling Resistant

Speedo Men's Uv Swim Shirt Graphic Long Sleeve Tee

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