Birdz Eyewear Clearance SALE! Limited time! Skullbird Black Detachable Mask Skull with Goggles $42 Birdz Eyewear Skullbird Black Detachable Skull Mask Goggles with Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $42 Birdz Eyewear Skullbird Black Detachable Skull Mask Goggles with Automotive Motorcycle Powersports Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Detachable,Eyewear,Mask,Black,Skullbird,/Limburger1938149.html,,Birdz,with,Skull,$42,Goggles Birdz Eyewear Clearance SALE! Limited time! Skullbird Black Detachable Mask Skull with Goggles Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,Detachable,Eyewear,Mask,Black,Skullbird,/Limburger1938149.html,,Birdz,with,Skull,$42,Goggles

Many popular brands Birdz Eyewear Clearance SALE Limited time Skullbird Black Detachable Mask Skull with Goggles

Birdz Eyewear Skullbird Black Detachable Skull Mask Goggles with


Birdz Eyewear Skullbird Black Detachable Skull Mask Goggles with

Product description

While you're out on the open road, shield your face and your eyes in slightly sinister style when you wear our Birdz Eyewear Skullbird Black Detachable Mask and Goggles with Clear to Smoke Photochromic Lenses. The black detachable skull mask is made of a high quality soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) frame that is virtually indestructible. The unique design of the Skullbird provides for ample indirect ventilation on the top and bottom of the goggles. The goggle can be separated from the skull portion and can be worn with or without the face mask. The lens is shatterproof polycarbonate with UV 400 filters eliminating the sun's harmful UV rays. These hard-coated scratch-resistant lenses are also anti-fog, ensuring clarity of vision in all conditions. The high-density double-layer hypoallergenic foam provides a comfortable fit for long-term wear. The thick elastic band with a no-slip silicone strip allows the SkullBird goggles to be worn comfortably over a 3/4 face helmet. These goggles feature clear-to-smoke photochromic lenses, which darken to smoke lenses in the daylight and lighten up to clear lenses after dark, always adjusting to the light, allowing you true color and clear vision along with excellent protection all day (and night) long. No second pair of goggles or lenses required.

Birdz Eyewear Skullbird Black Detachable Skull Mask Goggles with

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