Flame,Retardant,Thermal,Resistant,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,/comfortlessness1938213.html,Insulated,Curtai,Fire,$66,ChadMade,www.santesocial-ra.org $66 ChadMade Fire Resistant Flame Retardant Thermal Insulated Curtai Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Flame,Retardant,Thermal,Resistant,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,/comfortlessness1938213.html,Insulated,Curtai,Fire,$66,ChadMade,www.santesocial-ra.org Ultra-Cheap Deals ChadMade Fire Resistant Flame Curtai Retardant Thermal Insulated $66 ChadMade Fire Resistant Flame Retardant Thermal Insulated Curtai Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Ultra-Cheap Deals ChadMade Fire Resistant Flame Curtai Retardant Thermal Insulated

Ultra-Cheap Deals ChadMade Fire Resistant Flame Curtai Retardant Thermal Insulated supreme

ChadMade Fire Resistant Flame Retardant Thermal Insulated Curtai


ChadMade Fire Resistant Flame Retardant Thermal Insulated Curtai

Product Description

ChadMade Flame Retardant Collection REGAL

Fabric: flame retardant fireproof polyester. Fabric weight 255gsm in 6 colors.


1. Inherently permanent flame retardant fire resistant. That means the actual flame retardant curtain fibers the curtain is made of are flame retardant. Other companies offer fabrics that have been treated but that treatment eventually wears off. It meets NFPA701/California fire marshal title 19:section 1237.1. Non-toxic, smockless and environmental protection. It will be curled and carbonized immediately once meeting fire without any possibility of secondary burning.

2. Innovative weaving structure. It blocks out 99% of sunlight and reduce noise, while cutting back on window related energy loss.

3. Provide 8 headings of hanging way custom to fit both traverse rod and track for each fabric. We are manufacturer, not middle man. Only 4 steps to order customized curtain online easily to save your time. We live for internet.

NFPA 701Testing Protocol By SGS Lab

NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) has developed various standards to certify fabrics that are used in public access buildings including schools, churches, industries, theatres as fire retardant. It is necessary to use only NFPA certified products as nearly all states and municipals have made it compulsory to use only fire retardant textiles in public structures. NFPA 701 is the standard specifically reserved for curtains and other similar hanging fabric.The curtain fabric is certified to pass NFPA 701 test when it is exposed to a flame for 12 seconds and it shows the following characteristics:

Less than 0.2 seconds after flame.
Less than 6.5inch char length.
The fabric isn't inflamed when it touches the test chamber floor.

Click contact seller ChadMade and advise us following information to get quote firstly.
1. Heading: Antique Bronze Grommet/ Tab Top/ Rod Pocket/ Goblet/ Pinch Pleated/ Back Tab/ Flat Hooks.
2. Single Panel Width and Length __inch. Measure your rod or track,and decide curtain width. Normally curtain width need to be 1.25X - 2X wider than rod or track width for fullness.
3. Curtain Tieback No or Yes (standard size 3x18 inches).
4. Quantity.
To know more information for heading technique, measuring guide etc, please click "ChadMade" and review seller profile, then click "Help" section.

Please place order for special pricing adjuster listing (we will provide while quoting), and advise us with order ID to execute it exactly.

ChadMade Fire Resistant Flame Retardant Thermal Insulated Curtai

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