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Athena Women's San Diego Mall One Fees free Piece

Athena Women's One Piece


Athena Women's One Piece

Product description

The feminine and minimalist style is a long-standing best seller. The shirring at the side seams gather the fabric for a slimming fit. The built-in tummy control toner elongates and softens your mid-section. Removable cups and minimal straps make this an understated and timeless one-piece swimsuit

El estilo femenino y minimalista es un bestseller de larga duración. El fruncido en las costuras laterales reúne la tela para un ajuste adelgazante. El tóner integrado de control de barriga alarga y suaviza la sección media. Las copas extraíbles y las correas mínimas hacen de este un traje de baño discreto y atemporal de una sola pieza.

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Athena Women's One Piece

Improving global health through universal access to physiotherapy knowledge

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