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Popular product uxcell 3 Inch Round service Solid Wood Cl Desk Chair Legs Sofa Furniture

uxcell 3 Inch Round Solid Wood Furniture Legs Sofa Chair Desk Cl


uxcell 3 Inch Round Solid Wood Furniture Legs Sofa Chair Desk Cl

Product description

1. Wood material is firm, strong and wear-resisting, well bearing capacity; section smooth, good texture and easy to maintain.
2. Protect your furniture leg, protect your beautiful hardwood, carpet, ceramic tile and linoleum floors from scratches.
3. Increase the height of the furniture and has the effect of anti-moisture and prevent dirty, make it easier to clean the place under the furniture.
5. The furniture legs update your old furniture by replacing the worn-out legs, or raise the change the height of furniture to meet your needs.
6. Stylish appearance is great for additional decoration in your home. Make your home have the sense of design and fashion. Suitable for sofa, cabinet, bed, closet, worktop, wardrobe, desk, table, dresser TV stand or other furniture.

Installation Steps:
1.Determine the installation location.
2. If your furniture base already has holes; Please check the furniture base hole size whether fit M5 Screws. If your furniture have no mounting hole, drill a hole with a depth of 12mm and a diameter of 11mm.
3. Fixed the mounting nut plate.
4. Screw the wood furniture leg into the mounting nut plate.

Product Name: Furniture Leg
Screw Size: M5 x 25mm/M5 x 1"(D*L)
Mounting Plate Hole Dia: 6mm/0.24"
Mounting Hole Center Distance: 5.5cm/2.2"
Mounting Plate Size: 7x7cm/2.8"x2.8"(L*W)
Mounthing Plate Nut Size: 8 x 18mm/0.31" x 0.71"(D*L)

1. Variability of 1-2cm is possible due to the measurement process.
2. Please check the height and color of our furniture leg, to fit your furniture before buying this item.
3. Because wood is a naturally occurring material, every wooden furniture leg is unique. Variations in color, texture, and grain pattern are normal. Each couch leg may differ slightly from the photographic representation shown.

uxcell 3 Inch Round Solid Wood Furniture Legs Sofa Chair Desk Cl

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